The Rune UR - Lesson II
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UR is the Rune of original cause, or root cause, of cosmic and planetary events.  It is the Rune of original time.  It is time at the threshold of creation:  time-less time in the area of experience or action where space-time-od is Rune Body Position FAirrelevant.  UR connects with cause of causes, root of roots. with original creation, with original immortality, and with original law of vibration or cosmic pulse.

UR is the threshold of creation that Fa energizes with its impulse.  It is creation for which created deities (or, even more ridiculous, anthropomorphic collective egregors of religions) took undeserved credit in the past and still are taking it in our days when relating to their gullible followers.  UR is original knowledge, root-knowledge.

Mythologically speaking, the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, are immersed in UR.  It is here where the tree Norns, goddesses of fate and destiny, are timelessly spinning the threads of the web of time: the web, which determines and defines the fates of humans and of gods, and you can be one with the Norns.  Here tRune Body Position FAhe fountain of wisdom is running to which the gods (think also of the gods within!) descend to expand their limited knowledge and wisdom.

Uses:  From UR is coming forth continuously new existence.  On the etheric levels it represents the healing Od energy and its structural linkages and magical uses.  UR opens clair audience, i.e., remote hearing.  Working with UR increases your capability to recognize true origin, or roots, of the universe and true causes of everything you experience, your inner and outer environments.  Practice of UR strengthens your healing energies.

Time of the year:  January 13 through February 3

Rune Zodiac of 18:  20 degrees Capricorn to 10 degrees Aquarius.

Number:  2

Mantra:  oo - oo - oo - oo rrrr.  Emphasis on the oo-sound!