The Rune THORN - Lesson III
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THORN is the Rune of activity and of the active mind.  In this capacity, the Rune THORN is Rune Body Position FAsymbolized as the Rune of the master of the swords.  It is a Rune of active exchange, of active projection, and one of the Runes that represent Thor's Hammer.

THORN is a Rune of polarities.  While FA is the spark of creation, UR the chaos at the threshold of creation, THORN symbolizes the emerging of opposite polarities from the zero point energy of chaos.  From the realm of opposite polarities THORN reaches then much deeper into multiple polarities of an infinite order, of infinite many forms of energy.

As Rune of opposing polarities THORN represents life and death, hot and cold, light and darkness, etc.  It is a Rune of opposites; opposites, which actually are polarities of one and the same process.  Therefore THORN is also a rune of eternal return and as such Rune Body Position FAit contains in itself the mystery of the thorn that awakens from sleep.  The THORN that touches the zero energy of chaos brings forth continuous creation.

THORN is the Rune of the dowsing rod, of lightening and thunder, of magnetic transfer and of mental telepathy.

THORN awakens in us the will to act and to creatively act upon our universe.  It helps us get in touch with the continuous change of day and night, waning and waxing, life and death.  THORN protects us against attacks, especially magical, or psychic, attacks.  The mantra of THORN strengthens the aura.

Time of the year:  February 4 through 25
Number:  3
Mantra:  th-th-th-th-th-o-o-o-o-r-r-r-n-n-n