The Rune HAGAL - Lesson VII
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Fire refers here to "the fire of thirst."  HAG-ALL means to take care of all things, which means to Rune Body Position FAtake care of the universe.  It contains the symbolism of the omnipresent and all-penetrating creative energy.  HAGAL is the symbolism of the builder-architect of the worlds, which is you.  On a lower level, the seven is the rhythm of the Solar System, and as such it connects with he BNE ELOHIM, a cabbalistic word for Venus-entities (Venus = 7), who "create" the world within an eternal NOW (see Gen1,1).  HAGAL is the Rune of the world tree, of the world, of the tree of life.  It is a combination of MAN and YR, as well as of NOD and EH.  HAGAL is maintenance and equilibrium of the moving universe, representing its infinity of forms of energy, its infinity of objective realities.  It is the mother of all Runes, and as such it signifies continuous change.  HAGAL leads to the spiritual leader within.  In the microcosm it represents the human being, while in the macrocosm it represents the universe.

Rune Body Position FAUses:  HAGAL gives protection and harmony.  It serves as the solid point within the continuous action of phenomena.  It eliminates the burning thirst for things that are not important in life.  It provides consciousness of Oneness with the Divine.  It brings spiritual powers and wisdom.  It increases the functions of the pineal gland and of the solar plexus.

Time of the year:  May 6 through May 28.

Number:  7

Mantra:  hag-all