The Rune NOD - Lesson VIII
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NOD is the Rune of karma.  In the Northern Rune Body Position FAtradition, NOD is the Rune of the Norn, goddess of destiny.  It is the Rune of karmic debts (the Norn SKULD), of karmic law, of karmic need, of progamatic karmic action and impact upon your karma.  NOD signifies Divine justice that balances.  "Hate" in the song refers to unresolved karma.  Nod helps you to master and re-adjust your karma after you have recognized it.  NOD symbolizes the appearance out of the infinite, out of the undefined.  It connects with the Divine principle, which manifests itself within the finite universe, for "a god who does no manifest him or herself is dead" Rune Body Position FA(Feuerbach).

Uses:  NOD makes you aware of your karmic debts and it helps you to dissolve and change karma.  It leads to truth and to pragmatic advancement within the realms of the cosmic order, which is your objective reality, often referred to as the "Divine Plan."  NOD brings the protection of high spiritual entities (energy complexes and energy combinations of a higher order) of our Solar System.  Use your karma, build it, adjust it to your needs and desires, and live it consciously.

Time of the year:  May 29 through June 20.


Mantra:  nnnnnnnn, nnnnoooooddddd, aepandi nam.