The Rune AR - Lesson X
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Rune Body Position FAYou can experience AR as the Rune of the Light, of the Sun.  It relates to wisdom, beauty, virtue, trust, honor, and fame.  AR is the Rune of the initiate, and as such it portrays the symbolism of the Solar child that returns home from darkness.

Uses:  AR allows control of subconscious thought patterns and recognizes their point of origin, or roots (meditate on the stanza!).  Ar is the Rune of reframing (NLP), and it provides the capability to change from within.  AR is the Rune of certainty that dissolves doubts.  AR also attracts Solar prana.

Rune Body Position FATime of the year:  July 15 through August 7.
Mantra:  aaaaaaaaaarrrrrr, rrrrraaaaaaaa