The Rune SIG - Lesson XI
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Rune Body Position FASIG is the Rune of the light, the Rune of the Sun, the Rune of victory, success, and of good luck, or change of luck.  It is the Solar Light in spiritual contemplation.  It symbolizes the path "from God to God," which is the path of the soul in eternal reincarnation following karmically defined structural links.  SIG is the Rune of the spiritual ray and of inspiration.

Uses:  SIG brings success and it helps overcome material limitations, furthermore it increases the power of the spirit within.  It gives knowledge, wisdom and illumination.  It Rune Body Position FAincreases the power of visualization, and your psychic powers.

Time of the year:  August 8 through August 30.


Mantra:  ssssssssssss, ssssssssiiiiiiig