The Rune BAR - Lesson XIII
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Rune Body Position FABAR is the Rune of revelation, the Rune of birth of the spirit, the Rune of birth, of spiritual rebirth.  Therefore, mythologically speaking, BAR represents the return to the Mothers, to the empire of HEL.  BAR relates to life, to hopes, and to wishes.  It is the Rune of continuous transformation, of death and of rebirth.

Uses:  Development of higher spiritual, mystical and psychic capabilities.  Leads to inner freedom and to outer independence.  Helps birth, spiritual birth.

Time of the year:  September 23 through October 15.


Rune Body Position FACorrelation with Tarot:  13th card:  Death - Transformation - Metamorphosis.
Mantra:  b-b-b-b-baaaaaarrrrrr