The Rune MAN - Lesson XV
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Rune Body Position FAMAN is symbolism of man, of humankind, of humanity, of the resurrected god.  It signifies the upper part of the world tree Yggdrasil.  Therefore it is perceived as the Rune of spiritual powers, of directing Mana powers.

Uses:  MAN leads to Divine Magic and to the unfolding of life (see Symbolism of Man).  It protects against enemies.  MAN increases and strengthens the aura.  It opens the mysteries of MIMIR, the mysteries of original memories, or of root-memories.  You can use it for levitation, elevation, reaching in the spheres of the Rune Body Position FADivine.

Time of the year:  November 8 through November 29


Correlation with the Tarot:  15th card:  The Devil.

Mantra:  mmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn, aaooouuummmmmm     mmmaaannniii     paadmmmmeeeee     huuummmmmm