The Rune GIBOR - Lesson XVIII
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Rune Body Position FAGIBOR is the Rune of the wheel of life, of union of the god and the world, of Creator and Creation, in both, your inner and outer environments, all of which you can perceive as one.

Uses:  GIBOR harmonizes the relations of twin souls, unifies the energies of the I and YOU in a cosmic context, both reaching into the common universe, in a true cosmic wedding.  Leads to cosmic consciousness, vision of the Divine within and outside, unio mystica with inner and outer environments, the deepest mysteries of the universe.

Rune Body Position FA#18

GIBOR has no relation to any part of the zodiac, but it is Symbolism of wholeness.  Likewise, there is no correlation to any single card of the tarot.

Mantra:  ggiiibbboooorrrr