The Creative Energies of your inner and outer Universes
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The creative energies of the universes work fantastically when boosted by OD, or life energy - In the course I am teaching you how to attract these energies from your surroundings and build them up within yourself - or within the realms which you are perceiving as your internal environment. 

You certainly can have this experience even without training with the help of a Chi Generator® or a Chi-Card® - the latter one you can get free of charge for the experiment, and what is nice about this is that you can do this exciting boost of energy right now.  In fact, you can use any system, which is mapping and representing the creative energies - the 18 Futhork Runes naturally being one of the best.  A typical characteristic is that they work "by themselves," so to say, even if you do not yet know their full meanings - and you certainly do not need to be initiated to experience the beneficial results of such a boost of Rune energies.  Simply draw the rune(s) of your choice on a piece of paper, then get your FREE Chi-Card®, print it out and put the Rune(s) of your choice with it.  Carry it all with you - for instance in your wallet.