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Your average "secret order" requires that you follow in the tracks of "ancient doctrines", i.e., that which others have written, how those people thought you should behave and the like. Copying faithfully what the past has to offer will bring you the commensurate results: you will be a copy whi is licing in the past.

By now you know that Runes are creative energies. Consequently, in our online courses you are taught how to to produce your own work and how to develop your own creative approaches to the Runes and to life itself.  The Runes, being creative energies, are your most powerful tools with which you can elevate yourself way beyond being merely a copy or a follower of some religions doctrine or magical-lodge-ideology.  With the Runes you can have now a method to develop YOUR VERY OWN APPROACH TO YOUR INNERMOST REALITY.

And eternally the murmur of the Runes reminds you of the fact that you are ONE with YOUR OWN CREATIVE SELF

Now you can embark on your time-less exploration into the creative realms of the universe!

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