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This is an opportunity for you to receive online training and to participate in online group meetings.  For Live streaming video Instruction, a high speed internet connection is needed.  For online group meetings you need a web camera. 
Online training by way of Live Streaming will guide you, lesson for lesson, towards your initiation as a Rune Master.  With online group meetings you can enhance your studies and benefit from the added power, which the group energy can provide.

Come back here regularly for class schedules.

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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


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E-mail to apply for online live streaming video broadcasts,
to sign up for online live streaming video courses
and to join online live streaming video group meetings.

This is experience of the Runes as creative energies, and as such a help for your Runic practice. 
Minimum Requirement: You need to be familiar with the contents of lessons 1 - 6 of the Basic Rune Course.
With chat room for questions and answers. 
Send an e-mail to register as a guest, and you will receive your user name and password. 
As a guest, you can join any free broadcast of the entry level.

Runes are your cosmic inheritance !!!

Runes are the powerful inner flow, which, in its eternal cycle, prepares the roots within for the most powerful spiritual transformation that we know of!

Runes are the call to power that reminds you to fulfill your mission. They are the invisible call to take up a way of life that has no equal on this planet, because this is power, which makes use of the creative energies of the universe:  the energies of creation-eternal! Therefore, Runes are the call to awaken and to cultivate the leader that is within you!

Runes are the call to immediate action! They are the call to use the most powerful creative energies so that you can outgrow all weakness within, and you can elevate yourself to the highest levels of understanding!

Runes are the power that enables you to achieve your maximum potential, to reach your deepest connection to the root-forces of Ur-creation.

Runes are your mystical voyage to the "Norns," which were perceived by the ancients as goddesses of destiny, and to the fountain of life, wherefrom you return as a renewed human being who is deeply rooted in the highest spiritual traditions.

Therefore it is time for you to accept the Runes in your heart now!

Study the courses well!  They are for free!

Opening up to the Murmuring of the Runes

establishes extra powerful connections with creative energies,
leading to a significant improvement of your personal skills,
and to deepest insights about the working of the universe
and to this exciting and new approach to life itself!
Come Back regularly for information and schedules of our broadcasts

e-mail to register as a guest, so that you can participate in free broadcasts as well as in free introcductory practices and lessons.
Any person who is interested in harnessing the creative energies of the universe is invited to participate in these broadcasts or group meetings.  Attending the live broadcasts, you can speed up your training significantly and our Rune Masters will be available for questions concerning your studies and Runic practice. 

Naturally, you can also sign up for live streaming video training towards your initiation as a Rune Master, plus, after your initiation, you can join the advanced classes.  To participate in regular group meetings, you need a webcamera.

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El Libro de las Runas - traducción
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