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Welcome to the eighth letter of instructions of Rune Yoga. In the previous letter, I focused on the side of Rune Yoga that causes spiritual experiences and insights and you learned about readings where Runic energies are used in a direct manner without the usual casting of Runes. In this letter of instructions I will teach you to expand this latter procedure. You will learn how to tune into karmic structures, how to give karmic readings, and how to bring positive change to the structuring of karma.

The ceremonial setting is similar to what has been done in the previous lesson. The focus, however, will be on other Runes. The following is a typical group exercise which requires group energies. If a group is not available, you may still do the works with "invisible participants," similar to "invisible playmates" of children. Call upon some spiritual guides, masters, angels, or other entities which you know halpful for the purpose. For the student, connecting with the time-less brotherhood of Rune Masters is helpful.


In the following you practice a karmic reading and karmic adjustment in which the energies are triggered by the group.

1. Arrange your altar: cup, candle, incense burner, dagger or powerrod. Circle of Runes around yourself or on altar (the latter projects a protective circle around the group).

2. Personal preparation: clean yourself, wear your robe, or clean clothes, or practice nude, depending on your background. In any case, be in tune Mith tne living uni verse.

3. Tune into your inner Rune Realm. Align the inner Rune Realms of the group by leading a meditative focus of the inner Rune Realm.

4. Establish the outer Rune Realm. Take Rune dagger, or power rod, trace Rune circle around you, then draw the HPGPL Rune in all four directions, beginning with North (position of Ffl Rune), next West. South, and East. Each time you draw the HPGPL Rune, do so with the strongest possible imagination of protection and Oneness with the Universe.

5. Light the altar candle and everybody says:

"Forces of the Light
Eternal in the universe,
Penetrate darkness
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring light to the night!

All around darkness
All around night
I amidst the Light
Darkness is penetrated
By the light.

Light candle in center and say:

Original fire of FA
Burning from the roots
Of times

Light force of AR
Born in the Sun
t the roots of the worlds
Give Light to the seeker"

6. Light incense and everybody says:

"May the power cf the Runes
Lead me us to a greater understanding
Of the universe and ourselves"

7. Hold both hands over the cup with water (or wine which is thinned with water). Project the energies cf MPN into the cup. Drink part of the water (or wine).

8. Look at Thorís Hammer. Be aware that this orings your consciousness in tune with the Rune MPN~ Hold both hands over it, knowing of its power.

9. Body position of MAN
Look at the stave of MAN
Visualize MAN

S i ng: "mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn

Rune of MAN
Unfold within us
The powers of Divine Insights.

Sacred MAN, inspire us
Sacred MAN, make us spiritual beings
Awaken in us
Universal Wisdom,
Universal Love.

Sacred MAN,
Rune of spirit
In original Light
Man is One.

10. Body position of NOD
Look at the stave of NOD
Visualize NOD

Sing "nnnnnoooooodddd" three times


"Rune of the Norn
Give us insight
in the workings of destiny
Give us insight
In the eternal cycles of karma

11. Determine the person(s) for whom should be read.

11. One person (the main reader) stands in the center. Others around in a circle. Ps an alternative, there may be two or more persons in the center as main readers.

Those around:

Hand position of MAN

The free right hands point at the person(s) in the center.

Visualize MAN

S i ng three times: "mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn"

Each time, project energies of MAN to the person (s) in the middle of the circle.

At the same time, the reader(s) are aware of receiving the Runic energies. their attention focused on the person for whom the reading is done.

13. Body Position of NOD.

Sing NOD three times, while visualizing NOD and projecting it to the reader. Focus on the karma (e.g. past lives, other karmic energies) of the person(s) for whom the reading is done.

14. Everybody meditates for several minutes, waiting for insights and experiences.

15. Share experiences and discuss the situation(s) for which the reading was made. Determine the Rune(s) which can take care of the situation, and how this may happen. If a conclusive answer cannot be found, then repeat from step (13) on, also include YR (same as with NOD).

16. When the Rune(s) which is to take care of the situation is (are) established, bring the oerson for whom the reading was done in the center, others in a circle around go into body position of the Rune and project the energies onto the person in the center.

17. Conclude the ritual by grounding the energies:

Position of IS (grounding)
Look at stave of IS
Visualize IS


Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your energies
Flow back to the
Realms of Creation!"

18. Imagine, or visualize, the energies grounding, flowing into the grouno, through your body, like water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.

It is advisable to practice, with this lesson, healing methods and energy transfers as outlined in previous lessons. The act of healing itself can be a beneficial connection with work with karma, and it can bring additional ins i gflt s.