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Rune Yoga Lesson II

Welcome to the second lesson of Rune Yoga.

In this lesson, you will learn more elements of Rune Yoga. Here we emphasize the use of strengthening and healing energies. Again, much of your progress you will experience as you practice.


1. If you have already an altar for Runic practice, set up your Crystal Runes, or Rune Staves, and light one candle. If you are at the beginning of Runic practice, keep the ceremonial setting simple, yet already present. Simply light a candle as a focal point, and be aware that the candle represents Light.

2. The group practices a short meditation, approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Students of the Basic Rune Course may establish their inner Rune Realm, and join all individual realms to one.

Say, with a ceremonial attitude:

May the power of the Runes
Lead us to a greater understanding
Of the universe and ourselves.
May the power of the Runes
Further our path to Oneness
With the Universe."

4. Everybody standing in a circle, body position of MAN

5. Chant MAN 3 times.

6. Sit aown, meditate a few minutes. Then share Experiences, or, if you practice by yourself, write in a diary.

7. Again, everybody stand up, in a circle, and pose the body position of FA. Hands pointing toward the center of the circle. First, chant FA three times, then breathe slowly while you are still aware of the chanting: inhale four seconds, hold your breath two seconds, exhale four seconds, again hold for two seconds. As you inhale, feel the energies of FA flow through your palms into your body. Practice for one to three minutes, then sit down and meditate. Share experiences. This practice of FA was performed to energize yourself, so you will be better able to draw the healing energies of UR and to project them.

8. Now, we stand again in a circle, and we practice UR the same way as we practiced FA, meditate and share experiences. UR gave us an experience that was very different from FA or MAN. We filled ourselves with the energies of FA, UR, and MAN. This helps us to draw and project those energies as we continue with the practice.

9. Now, we sit in a circle. We take the hand position of FA with our left hand, and chant FA three times. Next, we begin with our breathing rhythm. While we inhale, we feel the energies of FA flow through our left hand into our bodies, and we chant mentally FA. Meditate briefly and share experiences.

10. We practice as in 9, but, when inhaling, we draw FA energies into the area of our solar plexus, when exhaling, we project FA from our solar plexus into our right hand from where we allow it to leave through the palm of the right hand or through the fingertips of the right hand. Meditate and share.

11. Practice the same way as 10, but this time you point your palm - or the focussed fingertips, toward the forehead of a partner, at the location of the third eye. Then, your partner projects FA onto your forehead in the area of the third eye. Meditate and share. Practice MAN the same way.

12. Practice with the handposition of UR, alternate both handpositions so you may find out which one of the two positions suits you better. You may point UR toward other parts of the body. Also, alternate hands, which one drawes and which one projects, and feel the differences.

13. All participants form the position of the Rune UR. Draw energies of UR and project in the center of the Rune, or into a specific area of the altar, or of the room. Next, project on one of the participants.

14. Same practice as in 13, but this time everybody visualizes the healing energies of UR projected on a person they know needs it. This projection is to be done mentally. Those participants who do not know the person who is to benefit from Runic energies may project their energies on one of the participants who knows the person and who then mentally directs all energies, his own and those of others.
Warning: This should never be understood as a substitute for qualified medical care.

15. As an alternative, place a photo of the person to be helped on the altar, or any object which is closely linked to this person. If nothing else is available, write the name on a piece of paper which is to be set on the altar. Project UR onto this object.

16. Participants who feel they would like some energizing, or balancing, may receive energies as outlined above.

17. Experience the Rune THORN with hand- and body positions.

18. To end the practice, we ground the energies. Grounding after practice is essential, because it sends back any surplus energies. To ground. we stand in position of IS, and we visualize all energies drain through our bodies into the ground, in a similar way as water goes down the drain. With this visualization in mind, we chant IS three times.

May the power of the Runes
Bring you in contact with the realms of spirit
And energize, heal, and balance
body, mind, and aura.