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Letter of Instructions # 12

The Rune TYR

by Karl Hans Welz


 Welcome to TYR, the twelfth Rune.  TYR is the Rune of self sacrifice.  It represents the god within who self sacrifices, certain of resurrection.  TYR has a strong connection with Odin's Rune Song.  With TYR, you are now ready for another initiation.  This time it is an initiation that is not so much an exterior one such as was the knighting ceremony.  This initiation is an inner one.  It shows you the futility of worldly life when such a life is not well rooted in spirit.

 The initiation in TYR also gives you an experience of the power of Thor's Hammer.  However, to experience this power you need to learn to use this powerful tool correctly and responsibly.  The initiate of TYR expands into the vibrations of the Norse god Thor.

 With this initiation you will follow a ritual of renouncing, then returning.  In Christian mythology this ritual is symbolized by the self sacrifice of Jesus, who then descends into the abyss so that he will return as the Christ.  This ritual is a dramatization of the process of the human nature within us which rejoins Christ consciousness, or the Higher Self.

 In the Norse religion, the god Odin recognizes the need of gaining access to the realms of creation to be a full being.  He removes himself from all worldly situations.  For nine cold nights he hangs on the tree of life.  The nine refers to the Rune Is and its relation to the true ego.  Perhaps you remember that Jesus was crucified in the ninth hour!  As the poem says, this tree "conceals man, from whose roots man sprung."

 Odin gains awareness of the roots of the tree of life and recognizes there the energies of creation, the Runes.

 This shows that Odin's Rune Song is highly symbolic.  It has little to do with physically hanging from a tree and piercing out a physical eye with a physical spear.  You need to gain an understanding of the symbolic meaning of Odin's Rune Song before you can attempt an initiation of TYR.  Then the initiation helps you gain a Christ consciousness like union with the realms of creation.
 Here I repeat Odin's rune Song:

I know myself hanging on the wind cold tree for nine icey nights.
Wounded by the spear, consecrated to Wodan
I consecrated to myself.
I was hanging on the mighty tree which conceals man
Where man grew out of its roots.

They offered me neither bread nor wine
So I bent down in search.
I recognized the Runes; wailingly I grasped them.
Until I sank down from the tree.

Now I began to increase, to be wise,
To grow and to feel well.
From the word, word grew after word
And deed shaped to deeds with deeds.

Now I know the songs like no wise one knows
And none of the children of men.
And should these songs, o human child, be unlearnables to you for sheer endless time;
Grasp them as you get hold of them, use them as you hear of them.
Hail you if you retain them!

 Let's point out here:  Odin hangs on the wind cold tree for nine icey nights.  The wind refers to the mind.  The nine to the Rune Is and so does the ice, frozen water.  Remember the Rune Stanza of Is:  A ninth one is mine, if danger is out in the sea ...

 Not only is Odin exposed to the elements outside him, but also within.  Obviously the realm of a human being does not end with its skin.  Odin is exposed to the elements on the world tree.  He is exposed in an eternal cycle that can only be overcome when time itself has been recognized as being irrelevant.  Odin has to sink down to the roots of time to recognize the Runes, forces of creation.  Odin wounded himself with the spear.  The human karma blinds humans.  A misdirected will gives up an eye.  Too much concern with karma that results from "past" (and future?!) lives  may bring even more attachment to the material planes of the life tree and the shackles that bind to the tree become even stronger.  Only by gaining access to the creative realms can Odin re-gain his Divine nature.

 Because Odin knows well that he will not handed redemption on a silver platter, but that the human being has to strive to attain Divinity, he bends down in search.  This means that he focuses on the roots of all existence, symbolized by the tree and its roots.  There he recognizes the energies from the creative realms, or roots:  the Runes.  He accepts them as a way of life.  This is acceptance of karmic structure from a point that lies beyond karma itself.  Once the karmic bondage is overcome, Odin can free himself from the tree.  Now he is master of his destiny.

 To be capable of passing the initiation of TYR you should be well grounded in the inner and outer Rune realms.  In previous lessons you should have practiced the basics of Runic ceremonial.  It will be good if you do have a set of ceremonial utensils.  You may delay the ceremonial of TYR to a later time.  It is not an absolute requirement to pass this lesson.  However you should have passed it before your initiation to Rune Master.

 If you have started your castle with regular meetings, the members of your castle may be a valuable assistance to your initiation.

For your initiation to being a Knight of  THOR you need:

 1.  Thorís Hammer.  You may use a cardboard hammer in which you write your name.  An ideal tool is the silver Hammer of Thor that you can order from us.  This hammer has the Bindrune SIG-TYR inscribed.

 2.  An incense burner.

 3,  Runic incense, Frankincense, or Sandalwood

 4.  A cup or glass with wine or water.

 5.  An altar candle.

 6.  An altar.  A simple table with a white cloth will do.

 7.  A rune dagger, power rod, or wand.  A power rod is a metal pipe that is coated with Life energy accumulating material.  You can order it from us.

 8.  A set of Rune Staves, ideally Crystal Staves.

 9.  A personal candle inside the circle or square.

 10.  The tape to introduce you to the inner Rune realm.  This is not necessary!

 The initiation of TYR takes some preparation and it takes some time.  The energies with which you connect as a result of your initiation will be important for your further advance and understanding.

Initiation to Knight of Thor


 For seven days prior to the initiation be sure not to overindulge in food or drink.  Make sure that you are in as good a physical shape as you can be.  Prepare your ceremonial utensils.

 Take a bath before the initiation.  This symbolizes purification.  Wear clean clothes or a robe.

 Set up the altar.

 Bless the water or wine before you set it on the altar:  ďThis is the blood of life that contains the power of the realms of creation

 Put the personal candle in the middle of the altar.

The Ceremonial of Initiation

1.  Meditate briefly and connect with the  Runic energies.

2.  Light the altar candle

Powers of the Light
Eternal in the Universe
Penetrate Darkness!
Sacred flame, shine!
Bring Light to the Night!

All around darkness
All around night
I (we) amidst the light
Darkness has merged
With the light.

Position of FA

Original fire of FA
Burning from the
Roots of times!

Position of AR

Light force of AR
Born in the Sun
At the roots
Of the worlds
Give light to the seeker!

3.  Light Incense

May the power of the Runes
Lead me to a better understanding
Of the universe and myself

4.  Tune into the Hammer of Thor and recognize it as your tool to project Rune energies.  This time the projection is to reach inward.  Be aware of this.


May the power of the Runes
Act where I direct them responsibly.

5.  Light the personal candle

6.  In the four directions, beginning with North, going to West, South, East, draw the rune HAGAL with your wand, dagger, power rod, or finger.

7.  Beginning with FA, point successively at each of the 18 Runes with the wand, dagger, or power rod.  While pointing at a Rune, recite the appropriate stanza of the magical poem as you charge the Rune.

8.  Establish your inner Rune realm

9.  Slowly recite Odinís Rune Song.  Tune into the symbolic meaning of each stanza of the song.

10.  Body Position of MAN
Look at the stave of MAN
Visualize MAN

m - m - m - m - m - m - a - a - a  - n - n
Sacred MAN, inspire me!
Sacred MAN, make me spiritual!
Awaken Divine wisdom in me!
Awaked Divine love in me!

Meditate briefly before you continue with the next Rune.

11.  Body posture of NOD
Look at the stave of NOD
Visualize NOD

n - n - n - n - o - o - o - d - d
Aware of karma
Aware of mission
Mine are the tools
To be free from restrictions

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

12.  Body posture of IS
Look at the stave of IS
Visualize IS

i - i - i - i - i - s - s - s - s
One with the will
Of the universe
I am master of myself
And master of my universe
Filled with power and harmony
I am a radiating and strong
Field of will energy
My will is ruler
Consciously I tune into
The streams of original will
Of the universe
I am One with the will
Of the universe.

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

13.  Body posture of FA
Look at the stave of FA
Visualize FA

f - f - f - f - f - a - a - a - a
Original fire
Secret, exalted,
Force of the universe
Kindle the Divine spark in me
So that it becomes
The Divine flame!

The original power
Of Divine action
Streams through me.
My consciousness expands
Into the farthest corners
Of the universe!

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

14.  Body posture of AR
Look at the stave of AR
Visualize AR

a - a - a - a - a - a - r - r - r - r - r
Arahari, Solar spirit
Lead me from darkness
To my Self

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

15.  Body posture of SIG
Look at the stave of SIG
Visualize SIG

s - s - s - s - s - i - i - i - i - g - g - g
SIGIL, victorious power
Help me overcome
The limitations of matter!

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

16.  Body posture of TYR
Look at the stave of TYR
Visualize TYR

t - t - t - t - t - t - y - y - y - y - y - y - r - r - r - r - r
From body to body I went
From life to death
From death to life
Through need and adversity
Through myriads of changes
And forms!
Nothing can destroy me!
I am going towards higher life
And to purer existence
I am reaching for the Sun within.
Eternal Now triumphs
Over illusions that pass.

Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

17.  Body posture of SIG-TYR


Remain in brief meditation before you continue with the next Rune

18.  Chant Odinís Rune Song slowly and attentively.  Notice the difference from when you did so at the beginning of the ceremonial!

19.  Drink the water (or wine).

20.  Sing:

Powers of the Runes
Flow back to the creative realms!
I thank you exalted forces
For this experience!

21.  Grounding posture of IS.  Sing: 

i - i - i - i - i - s - s - s - s - s

While you visualize the energies draining into the ground.

22.  Extinguish the candles

23.  Stay in meditation for another two to five minutes.


1.  Copy the Song of TYR into your book of ceremonials

2.  Practice the Song of TYR

3.  Practice the hand posture of TYR, mentally singing TYR while you inhale.

4.  Practice the body posture of TYR while singing TYR loudly.

5.  Murmuring Odinís Rune song several times, tune into its symbolic meanings.

The Song of TYR

TYR -- I gladly sacrifice my lower ego so that my Self can unfold.
    -- A twelfth I know
          If I see the hanged man
          Shaking in the wind on the tree
          Then I cut and stain Runes
          Now the warrior talks
          And descends from the tree.

TYR -- Suspended from the world tree, attached to karma and exposed to blind forces of nature, I know that my lower ego is conditioned to attach itself to illusions that distract from my ultimate goal of being Divine.

TYR -- Suspended from the world tree I recognize the Runes as forces of creation!  Now I know of the ties that are self-imposed by my lower ego.  I am wounded by the spear of illusion.  Sacrificing my lower ego I open up to the Divine powers of creation.  The myth of TYR says of the god self-sacrificing, certain of resurrection and metamorphosis.

TYR -- Rune of awakening into the Higher Self.  Rune of Self-affirmation.  Rune of unfolding and of eternal change.  Rune of rebirth into the spirit.  Rune of victory over the cycle of life and death.

TYR -- Spear of Wodan, symbol of oneness, carrier of life in spirit.

TYR -- Carrier of fertility, growth, becoming, and thriving.  Representative of the vortices of spiral-like evolution.

TYR -- TYR opens the worlds beyond and connects with entities that have no material bodies.  Being in contact with worlds beyond the material planes I am beginning to know my former life times and I am learning the lessons thereof.  I am capable to make use of these lessons.  TYR frees me from the world tree and the cross of matter.  It frees me from the material restrictions that have accumulated in many lives.  I am born again in spirit.

TYR -- Old restrictions bother me no longer.  Wealth increases, luck increases, power increases, love increases.

TYR -- Material death is irrelevant.  I wandered from incarnation to incarnation, through lives and deaths, through many changes and many forms.  Knowing of this I know that I am alive and that I am!

TYR -- Hammer of Thor!  eternally creating original principle of active formation the roots of which lie within myself and within everything that is created.

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