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A Correspondence Course - Lesson II
By Karl Hans Welz - Grand Rune Master - the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters


The Rune RIT

RITA, right, the Rune of original law, of Divine law. All-justice, religion, strength, ritual. Rune of the cosmic rhythm of the worlds. Rune of movement, rotation, wheels, of spiraling development and wheels, of spiraling development and unfolding. Symbol of the rolling Sun-wheel, Rune of rhythm and of dance. Uses: RIT allows you to tune into the rhythms of the worlds. It awakens higher powers. It strengthens inner guidance. Increases experience of ritual. RIT directs thought toward inner guidance. Strengthens the power of visualization. Time of the year: March 21 through April 12. Mantra: rrrrrr, rrrriiiit.

The Rune KA
Sexual Rune. Rune of capability. Rune of the occultist. Rune of higher mysteries. Uses: Rune of protection against magical attacks. KA gives intuition, inspiration, and it connects with the universe. KA connects with higher polarity. KA increases courage. Time of the year: April 13 through May 5. Mantra: k-k-k-k-aaaaa.
The Rune Hagal

Fire refers here to "thirst, the fire of thirst. HAG-ALL means to take car of the universe. Symbol of the omnipresent and all-penetrating creative energy. Symbol of the builder of the worlds. The seven is the rhythm of the Solar system. The BNE ELOHIM, Venus-entities, who create the world in an eternal NOW (see Gen. 1,1). Rune of the world tree, of the world, of the tree of life. Combines MAN and YR, NOD and EH. HAGAL symbolizes maintenance and equilibrium of the moving universe. Rune of the zodiac and mother of all Runes. Continuous change. HAGAL leads to the spiritual leader. In the microcosm it represents the human being, and the universe in the macrocosm. Uses: HAGAL gives protection and harmony. It serves as the solid point within the flight of phenomena. It eliminates the burning thirst for things that are not important in life. It provides consciousness of Oneness with the Divine. It brings spiritual powers, wisdom. It increases the functions of the pineal gland and of the solar plexus. Time of the year: May 6 through May 28. Mantra: hag-all

The Rune NOD
Rune of Karma and Rune of the Norn, goddess of destiny. Rune of karmic debts (the Norn SKULD). Rune of karmic law, of karmic need. Divine justice that balances. "Hate" in the song refers to unresolved karma. Nod helps to master you karma, after you have accepted it. NOD symbolized the appearance out of the infinite, out of the undefined. The Divine manifesting itself within the finite universe, for "a god who does not manifest itself is dead" (Feuerbach). Uses: NOD makes you aware of your karmic debts, and it helps dissolve karma. It leads to truth and fitting into the cosmic order, or the Divine Plan. NOD brings the protection of high spiritual entities of our Solar Symbolism. Use your karma and live it consciously. Time of the year: May 29 through June 20. Mantra: nnnnnnnnnn, nnnnoooooddddd, aepandi nam
The Rune IS
Rune of the ego, of self-discipline, of discipline. Rune of the personality, of the magical powers of self-consciousness. Symbolizes will, action, power, and personality. The ego in the microcosm, the oneness that connects everything created to ONE. The eternal Divine Love which transcends the lower ego. The magical Rune of completion. The unicorn, the magical wand, the number of the Moon. Uses: IS strengthen the personality (Earth element or consciousness is symbolized by the solid ship) by calming emotionally charged thoughts (the wind on the billowing floods), controls thoughts. IS procures psychic powers through self-discipline and through elimination of that which is unnecessary. IS leads to Divine Magic. Time of the year: June 21 through July 14. Mantra: iiiiiisssssss, iiiisssssiiiissss.
The Rune AR
Rune of the Light, of the Sun. Wisdom, beauty, virtue, trust, honor, fame. Rune of the initiate. Symbolism of the Solar child who returns home from darkness. Uses: AR allows control of subconscious thought patterns and recognizes their point of origin, or roots (meditate on the stanza)!. Rune of re-framing. Brings change from within. Rune of certainty that dissolves doubts. AR attracts Solar prana. Time of the year: July 15 through August 7. Mantra: aaaaaaaaaarrrrrr, rrrrraaaaaaaa
The Rune SIG
SIG is the Rune of the light, the Rune of the Sun, the Rune of victory, success, and good luck. It is the Solar Light in spiritual contemplation. It symbolizes the path "from God to God," the path of the soul. Rune of the spiritual ray, of inspiration. Uses: SIG brings success, overcomes material limitations, increases power of the spirit. It gives knowledge, wisdom, illumination. It increases the power of visualization, and magical powers. Time of the year: August 8 through August 30. Mantra: ssssssssssss, ssssssssiiiiiiig
The Rune TYR
Rune of the god of swords. Rune of the god who sacrifices himself, certain of resurrection. Rune of initiation, of reincarnation, of being born again. Uses: Hammer of Thor. TYR helps overcome the material world, the fear of material death. Brings victory of spirit over matter. Recalling of past lives. Time of the year: August 31 through September 22. Mantra: t-t-t-t-tyyyyyyrrrrr

Some Preconditions

For you to be successful in Rune readings, you need to become familiar with some basic methods of Runic practice. In this lesson, I am going to introduce you to two very important things: The book of ceremonials, and the establishing of your Rune realms.

The Book of Ceremonials

The book of ceremonials is a very important tool for your Runic practice in general and for Rune readings in particular. True, our times have the advantage of tapes, computers, and printed books. Yet nothing compares to your own, handwritten, documentation that your book of ceremonials will be.

There is a high symbolic significance to your setting up such a book: It is a significance that reaches well beyond simply writing down those things that you want to remember. The book of ceremonials is your own sacred book, written by yourself, and only for your own use. It contains spiritual energies which you -- consciously or not -- project into this book whenever you are writing in it and whenever you use it. Time will teach you the immense value of this book. Be aware that repeated use of a ceremonial utensil ties up energies in this utensil. These energies will then be present later when needed. All it takes is the presence of the utensil. Consequently you can then consciously focus on other things. You should consider your book of ceremonials as such a utensil.

To set up your book of ceremonials, you buy a nice looking notebook. First, you copy in it the "Runic Poem," which contains the key-triggers for the eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes. As you continue in your Runic practice, you write in your book of ceremonials the various rituals, methods, practices, and ceremonials with Runes. True, copying takes its time, but this rather small investment in your time will bear hundred fold fruit.

While copying, be aware that you are writing symbolic language. You will experience the symbolic meaning communicating itself to you with this practice of the Runes. As you continue you will penetrate the depths of the symbolic language. This will help you to increasingly gain an understanding of the hidden meanings of the poems and songs that you never may have thought to be possible.

How to Write your Book of Ceremonials

For your best benefit, and for best results, you should do the copying or writing in your book of ceremonials in an environment that is optimal for this process. It should be an environment that is quiet and free from outside interference. Remember, more is going on when you write in your book of ceremonials than mere copying! Therefore, make sure that nothing will disturb you in this very important work, and arrange your whole set-up in a ceremonial-like manner.

Before you begin to copy, set up your EPG (Welz Chi Generator) and transfer to yourself. Set it onto an alpha frequency. This will bring you into a calm state of meditation. See yourself in your inner Rune Realm. Continue to focus your whole, undivided attention on the process of writing. Visualize and feel energy flow through your hand and pen into the letters and words that you write on paper. See and feel every word that you write fill up with spiritual energy and radiating with Light and life energies. If you cannot yet focus your undivided attention to your writing, do not get unnecessarily worried. Practice will be your best teacher, and repeated use of the Book of Ceremonials, as you do when murmuring the Rune Songs, will fill it with strong spiritual energies. (You can also practice without the EPG, of course)

If you proceed as instructed, your book of ceremonials will be a powerful talisman. It connects you with the Runic Realms of Creation whenever you use it for a Runic ceremony, or reading. There is a great significance in your writing your own book of ceremonials that goes much beyond that which you may comprehend at present.

The Rune Realms

Before you begin to practice Runes, you need to establish within yourself a space in which you can work. It will also be useful to have some symbolic arrangement outside, which you can use to draw and to project Runic energies.

The arrangement outside is your OUTER RUNE REALM. The inner workspace that you establish is your INNER RUNE REALM, and the Realm from which you draw the Runic energies is the RUNE REALM OF CREATION. With your imagination, you connect those three Rune Realms. At a later point, when your capability of visualization will be sufficiently advanced, you may see the three Rune realms connected with the axis of the (multidimensional) world tree, where the distance from each Rune Realm to every other is equal. You will also become aware that the inner Rune Realm is not completely inside yourself, as little as the outer Rune Realm is completely outside. The three Realms permeate each other. With your practice, the mutual contact of the three Rune Realms increases continuously, and so will your capability to harness the energies of the Runes.

The Outer Rune Realm

You create your outer Rune Realm best with some utensils. As a future Rune Master, you need to be aware that repeated use of the same utensil allows you to set up structures of higher order energies (HOE) without the need of using your own energies. This practice frees your conscious mind for that which is most important in your action. Ceremonial utensils compare to machines on the material planes. They can be regarded as machines that have effects that reach into planes beyond the material levels. Those utensils are focal points. Needless to say, the best utensil is of such symbolic arrangement that it can be a focal point for any desired energy of a specific symbolism.

A very strong set of utensils is the symbols of the four elements. These symbols appear in three ways at least. First, they symbolize the four elements on the material planes. Second, they symbolize the four elements on all other planes. Third, they represent the four planes on which the Operator acts. We suggest, that you use the following set of utensils that symbolizes the elements. Use candles for fire, or the world of emanation and your will. Use a cup with water or wine to symbolize your emotions, the water element, and the astral world. Choose a dagger (active) and incense (passive) for the air element, your mind, and the mental spheres. Finally, use a dish with earth, bread, or a coin or special talisman such as the Hammer of Thor for the earth element, matter, your consciousness, and the material planes upon which you want to act. Be aware of the old wisdom that, when you align the four elements, you can perform anything you want to perform. In some way this is like having will, mind, emotions, and consciousness directed at one and the same goal. You can achieve this with proper direction of the will power, control of thoughts, concentration of emotions, and conscious attitude.

NOTE: An excellent help for you to align the four elements and reach Oneness with the Divine is the COURSE IN COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS by Karl Hans Welz. You may order this course from: HSCTI, P.O. Box 666 033, Marietta, GA 30066. Course Fee: $24.00

The next, very important feature is a utensil, so to say, that brings about protection. The CIRCLE is ideal for this purpose. However, for it to be very effective, your imagination needs to go beyond the mere circle that you draw or project. You need to envision a bubble at least. The circle symbolizes your duniverse, of which you are the Divine principle in the act of creation: You rule all energies in this universe.

Now let's talk about the symbolism that gives you access to the energies with which you want to practice: the Runic symbolism. You arrange one set of RUNE STAVES (you need another set for the reading) in a circle around you. You begin with FA in the North, going counterclockwise until GIBOR. If you intend a specific Runic practice, then you will do well to have the Rune(s) involved in front of you, taken out of the context of the circle. This symbolically brings you in touch with the specific Rune(s). It is important that you either make or get your set of Rune staves soon.

You may use a set of rituals (a ritual is a part of a ceremonial) to establish your outer Rune Realm. In later lessons, you will learn those specific rituals. Here we mention that such rituals include lighting of candles, charging of the elements, lighting of the incense, establishing of the protection, etc., including rules of purification of the practitioner and other participants.

The Inner Rune Realm

Once the outer Rune Realm is established, you continue to establish the inner Rune Realm. You may, of course, establish the inner Rune Realm only. To establish the outer realm you may project the Runes mentally into the space around yourself. However, the effect of this technique will be in the main on the mental planes, unless you are very well advanced. For the sole purpose of training in establishing the inner Rune Realm, of course, you need not establish the outer Rune Realm. This counts also for Rune meditations and for murmuring of a Rune Song. However, it is always useful to have at least on candle burning as a focal point: a "miniature outer Rune realm," so to say. For anything where you expect effects on the astral emotional, conscious or material planes, you will do well to set up the outer Rune Realm. All too often students complain that they can not get spectacular results. Failures of this kind may be for karmic reasons. In most cases, however, it is failure to properly establish the outer Rune Realm.

The inner Rune Realm takes shape of your visualization. You build up a space within yourself that is your working space. In this space you imagine yourself working with Runes. You know of the connection of both Rune Realms with the Realms of creation. To establish this working space, your inner Rune Realm, to its most effective shape, you need to practice a bit. You need to train yourself to a point where you can establish this inner Rune Realm spontaneously, at any time. This capability, or course, will in most cases not be learned spontaneously.

To establish your inner Rune Realm, you proceed as follows:

1. Set up your EPG and transfer the energy to yourself. Set an alpha frequency.

2. Bring yourself in a comfortable position. If you do more than practice, establish some symbolism of your outer Rune Realm.

3. Relax your body. You may use progressive relaxation, beginning from the tips of the toes and progressively relaxing up to the crown of your head.

4. Imagine yourself being in a place that you consider to be appropriate for establishing your Inner Rune Realm. You may imagine that you are in a clearing in the woods, which is very peaceful, with a brook running through, on a very sunny day. You may see yourself on a quiet beach, or on the top of a mountain, or in an old temple. Visualize whatever situation suits you, and whatever place you can imagine as being a holy place. The place that you are to establish now is the place from which you are triggering and harnessing the Runic energies. This place is your place of power. You are ruler in this place, master of your universe. For your convenience, and for easier access to the inner Rune Realm, a tape is available.

You see yourself in the middle of this space, your inner Rune Realm, and you see yourself fully protected. This protection also reaches out in your outer Rune Realm. It connects with the protective measure(s) of your outer Rune Realm. Then, you see a circle of Runes around you. Those Runes may be giant Rune stones, or wooden staves arranged around you, similar to the arrangement you would have in your outer Rune Realm. Again, the arrangement may be the 16 Runes from FA through YR around you, beginning with FA in the North, in front of you, going counterclockwise, until you reach YR again in the North. The Rune EH to you left, and GIBOR to your right. You may also visualize an altar in front of you, similar to an altar that you may have in your outer Rune Realm. Now, you see every one of the Runes around you in a glowing light, indicating that they get their charge from the Rune Realm of creation. At the same time, if your outer Rune Realm is established, this outer Rune Realm is automatically charged, and the connection to the Rune Realm of creation is established. As the Rune Master of this universe, you are aware that you are its absolute ruler.

Having established your inner Rune Realm, you may operate from there on a purely mental level. If your outer Rune Realm is also established, then you may keep the awareness of your inner Rune Realm being present, and you can now begin with the Rune rituals or ceremonials.

Practice of the inner Rune Realm is necessary for good progress in Runic practice, and for your advancement toward being a Rune Master.