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Letter of Instructions # 18

The Rune GIBOR 

by Karl Hans Welz
Gibor is the Rune of the universe.  After initiation Gibor leads to a new cycle.  This initiation of GIBOR to be a Rune Master brings you in touch with the Runic symbolism as a whole.  If, after this initiation, you pass through the eighteen Runes again, then you will do so in awareness of the symbolism as a whole.  New revelations will then follow, a better understanding, and still more powerful uses that you may apply responsibly.

GIBOR allows you to be ONE with the universe, ONE with the realms of creation.  If you understand the hidden meanings of the Runes YR, NOD, and EH, GIBOR will reveal itself to you.

The initiation to be a Rune Master will open you up to many new insights.  With this initiation you will receive the keys to many new and powerful practices.

After you have become a Rune Master, it will be important that you help others with your Runic knowledge.  I do suggest that you begin to build your own power base.  This means that you should form a Runic castle, i.e., a group of persons who are dedicated to study Runes.  This is so because group practices can help you develop much stronger energies than practice by yourself would do.  Group practice can also turn out to be a significant factor in your further advancement in your Runic work.  As your students ask you about Runic practice, you will find yourself drawing answers and knowledge from realms that you were not aware existed.  Consequently your power over Runic realms increases, your skills become more proficient, and your path becomes easier to follow.  In brief, you will bring your life more and more under your own control.

The Initiation

This letter of instruction concerns itself in the main with your initiation.  Since this is a correspondence course, I am going to prepare you for a self initiation.  If you do have the opportunity to be initiated by a Rune Master of the Great, Time-less Brotherhood of Rune Masters, you should do so.  If you have formed a castle, you can share the ceremony of your own initiation with members of the castle.

Persons who practiced the eighteen lessons jointly may perform a joint initiation.  In this case it is important that they join their outer as well as their inner Rune realms.

In the following I am giving suggestions of how you set up your Rune realm for the initiation.  If you followed well the lessons, You are aware, of course, that you may set up your realm following your own preferences.

Items needed for an Initiation

1.  An altar, preferably with an altar cloth.  The cloth may be either black or white.  A clean table may serve as an altar.
2.  Rune staves.  Your personal set may form a circle on the altar.  Crystal staves with a center crystal are very good for your initiation.
3.  An incense burner with Runic incense.  Frankincense is a god substitute.
4.  A power rod or dagger.
5.  A Hammer of Thor.  It is good if this hammer has your personal Runes inscribed.
6.  A cup or chalice with water or wine.
7.  Candles.  You may use eighteen candles, each of which has one of the Runes inscribed.
8.  A robe.  You may also practice nude.


Do these preparations up to three days before you practice the ceremonial of initiation.

1.  Bless the power rod (or dagger):  Hold your hands above the power rod, chant one Rune after the other, and project the energy of each Rune into the power rod.
2.  Bless the water or wine.  Use your power rod and project with it energy into the water or wine.  Chant all Runes, one after the other, and project their energies into the water or wine.
3.  Bless the incense.  Do this the same way as you did the water and power rod.
4.  Charge the Hammer of Thor, again the same way, by projecting each of the eighteen Runes into it.
5.  Lastly, bless each of the eighteen candles, one by one, by projecting the corresponding Rune into it.

The Ceremonial

Immediate preparation

1.  Write date of ceremonial and outline of it into your magical diary.
2.  Cleanse yourself in some form of ritual bath.
3.  Put on your robe.  Some followers of the old religion prefer to practice nude.
4.  Set up the outer Rune realm, altar, etc.
5.  Imagine a sphere around the whole operation.  Charge the sphere, focussing on protection.


Initiation to Rune Master

1.  Tune into inner Rune realm
2.  Recite song of Odin (follow mentally)
3.  light candles, each with the appropriate stanza
4.  Connect inner and outer realms
5.  Elemental Alignment
5.1.  Runic alignment

6.  For this important initiation I am inviting all Rune Masters of the past, present, and future, to participate.  I know that I am one of you and that I am striding my path to perfection and Oneness.

7. Drink water/wine --

I am happy to drink the water of runic wisdom.  This is wisdom that unites me with all masters of the past, present, and future.

8.  Take Thor's Hammer

9.  Body Position of KA -- Chant KA -- visualize being ONE with the flame of the candle that represents KA and with the Rune.

Repeat after initiator (or participant)

Cosmic knowledge, cosmic wisdom
Is transmitted by the power of KA
I am a Rune Master
I can do what I want to do.

10.  Body Position of GIBOR -- Chant GIBOR

"Coming from the Origin -- Gibor leads me back to YOU."

11.  Body Position of IS -- Chant IS

"Self-conscious I tune
Into the cosmic vibrations
Of original will

12.  Position of FA -- Chant FA

Original Fire
Secret, exalted power,
The Divine spark within me is kindled
So that it is the Divine flame.
The creative power of Divine presence
Streams through me
My consciousness expands and grows
Into the universe
I came from YOU
I am returning to YOU
You are illumination.

13.  Position of HAGAL -- Chant HAGAL

Above all
Beyond all
Within all

14.  Position of RIT -- Chant RIT (visualize oneness)

Reveals itself in ritual experience

15.  Position of OTHIL -- Chant OTHIL

Othil enacts spiritual well-being within myself.

16.  Position of OS -- Chant OS

Knowing of the power of OS
I am receiver of
the highest spiritual vibrations

17.  Position of LAF -- Chant LAF

LAF -- Rune of initiation
Through LAF I receive the blessing of illumination
I unifies with the Divine

18.  Position of MAN -- Chant MAN

Sacred MAN inspires me
Sacred MAN makes me spiritual
It awakens universal knowledge within myself
It awakens universal love within myself

19.  Position of AR -- Chant AR

Arahari -- Solar spirit
From darkness do I reach for you

20  Position of SIG -- Chant SIG

SIGIL -- victorious power
SIG helps overcome illusion of perception.

21.  Position of THORN -- Chant THORN

Birth and death
Death and becoming
Sacred power of Thorn
Releases me
From the wheel of eternal return
It gives me the grace of spiritual rebirth

22.  Position of IS -- Chant IS

With the power of IS
I am united forever
With God-everything

23.  Position of TYR -- Chant TYR

Driven from incarnation to incarnation
From life to death
From death to life
Through pain and need
Through joy and pleasure
I went through infinite changes and shapes
Nothing can annihilate me
I am longing for higher life
I am longing for purer life
I am longing for the Sun.
Eternal being triumphs
Over perishable illusion.

24.  Position of GIBOR -- Chant GIBOR

Coming from the origin
GIBOR leads me back to it.

25.  Position of UR -- Chant UR

From UR
Through UR
Back to UR

26.  Position of MAN -- Chant MAN

Sacred MAN
Rune of the spirit
Connected with original light
Man unifies with god
Human nature is One with the Divine

27.  Commitment

May the Power of the Runes
Be my strength as a Rune Master
May the power of the Runes
Be the tool to forge my destiny
May the power of the Runes
Make me understand the destinies
Of individuals, groups, and nations
May the power of the Runes
Lead me on my direct path to my Higher Self
May the power of the Runes
Help me lead those who are seeking

May the power of the Runes
Help me work actively
On a better destiny of my planet
May the power of the Runes
Help me contribute
To establishing a prosperous new age
On this planet
Where there is
One unified homeland of mankind
On the throne of which
Divine Spirit
Divine Wisdom
Divine Love
Are ruling.
I am Master
Of the tools of creation eternal
I promise
To use these tools responsibly


Extinguish candles

Powers of the Runes
We thank you for this experience
Flow back to the realms of creation.
To come when it is my will.

Chant IS three times, imagine all surplus energies grounding while you chant.  Repeat the grounding practice when needed.

Congratulations !  
I welcome You as a
Rune Master!

The Song of GIBOR

GIBOR -- I am the Rune Realm.  I am the universe.  I am the creative realm of the universe.  I am participating in the creation-eternal of the universe.  I am the wheel of life.
GIBOR -- I am creating my universe.
GIBOR -- An eighteenth I learned, but I would not
          Let this know just anyone else, for everyone knows
          The best for oneself:  That which leads to the end of the songs.
          Only One is to know, who is in my arms as my lover.
GIBOR -- Giver, God-Everything, God-Universe.  I experience the dance of the creator and the created.  I am union of giver and gift!
GIBOR -- Union of two forces, two egos, and One cause.
GIBOR -- Union of all into one and one into all.  I am the runic realm from which I am creating the universes.  From this creation I am in a new cycle of Runic experience.
GIBOR -- GIBOR reveals the secret of the lover who is the universe.
GIBOR -- Rune of Divine gifts manifesting in everything, manifesting in the universe.  My gift to myself.
GIBOR -- Rune of Oneness with the forces of the universe  Oneness with the All-Divine.
GIBOR -- Being One in Two, we experience All in One.
GIBOR -- GIBOR and Gea, Gibur and Gyfa, two forces, two souls, One being, One and Creating, unified in cosmic ecstatic joy.  A new cycle emerges which is One.

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